Montpelier Descendants Committee

An independent organization acting as the official governing and representative body of the Montpelier Descendants Community as a co-steward of James Madison's Montpelier, as defined by The Rubric
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Descendants Speak

In these monthly articles written by descendants we’ll explore themes and characters throughout history who have influenced the lives of those on our committee and African Americans in general. Some you’ve heard of, some you haven’t. Check back each month for a new article or read through the archives at your leisure.

The Arc

The Montpelier Descendant Committee is made up of communities that span the Virginia Piedmont, the following map details some of the research we have conducted on our community homes. Scroll down to see more.


The Montpelier Descendants Committee is a pending 501(c)3 organization that seeks to identify and create bridges to living descendants of the African American women and men who were enslaved at Montpelier and elsewhere in Orange County, Virginia. Beyond this, Montpelier researchers and scholars wish to expand the local, regional, and national African American community whose members identify and connect with the history of James Madison’s Montpelier.

The Montpelier Descendants Committee works with, and strives to enhance its continued engagement with James Madison’s Montpelier. Learn more about its relationship with the Montpelier Foundation here.


We work with the Montpelier Research Department on documentary research regarding the enslaved community at Montpelier and the surrounding areas during the Madison ownership. We also provide essential advice on the interpretation of African American history at Montpelier.