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James French Resigns From the MDC & The Montpelier Foundation Board

Proclamation from The Montpelier Foundation Board of Directors
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On June 14, 2019, the Montpelier Descendants Community convened to establish an organization to honor the sacrifices, resilience, and brilliance of our ancestors who contributed immeasurably to the founding of this nation.

On June 16, 2021, The MDC achieved structural parity with The Montpelier Foundation (TMF), establishing itself as an equal co-steward of the historic site. This milestone is the culmination of two decades of contributions by descendants to the Foundation’s research and program development, and a year and a half of intense negotiation in a polarized environment following the murder of George Floyd. 

We are committed to cultivating an environment of gratitude and respect for the memory of enslaved peoples near and far, but our focus is here at Montpelier and surrounding areas, where our community of ancestors lived and worked.

Our goal is to promote a better understanding of their lives based on an inclusive history of American slavery—and a better understanding of how their lives informed ideals of universal liberty enshrined in the Constitution, yet denied to them.

Scholarly Advisor to Montpelier Descendants Committee

Dr. Michael Blakey

NEH Professor, Anthropology and American Studies

The College of William and Mary

Director, Institute for Historical Biology

Director, Remembering Slavery, Resistance, and Freedom Project

Montpelier Descendants Committee Officers & Directors


Rev. Larry Walker

Montpelier Descendants Committee Officers

Barbara White

Vice President

Pandora Johnson


Rashida Kirton


Montpelier Descendants Committee Directors

Henry Anglin

Michael Carter, Jr.


Dr. Iris Ford

Patricia J. McDaniel